Urbanna Shop: Home Builders Brisbane, House Constructions, Renovations


Urbanna Shop, Portside Wharf, Hamilton

The Urbanna Shop construction and fit out of this space was quite an interesting time for us, as it is at the Brisbane Cruise ship terminal, with thousands of international and interstate visitors each week. Our Brisbane builders had to make an impact with our finished result.

It all began with a blank canvas, along with the clients’ experience in retail and his complete trust in us to achieve his desired result. The clock was ticking (to opening day).

We built a wall towards the back of the shop over 5m high, to create the massive storeroom area. As the ceilings were so high, we decided to make a feature of the water pipes, fire sprinklers, and other warehouse type items, to create an industurial look and feel to the shop, while still maintaining some warmth.

Our client was extremely happy with the result, and has seen business increase rapidly over the weeks after the opening. When the cruise ships pull into bearth at Brisbane, our client can be assured that the visitors will be drawn to his store.

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